Exploring Turkey Citizenship by Investment Process

People who are willing to obtain Turkish citizenship have numerous great options available to consider. Obtaining Turkish citizenship through a real estate investment holds a prominent place out of them. Continue to read and we will share some useful facts on how to invest in Turkey. Based on this guide, you can proceed with your investments and receive the best returns.

Turkish nationality by investment - Exploring Turkey Citizenship by Investment Process

How to invest in Turkey for obtaining citizenship

In Turkey, property ownership titles can only be authorized once they have been registered with the land registry directorates. ​

Preliminary real estate contracts, whether issued by notaries or signed in writing by natural persons, do not confer property transfer per se. They simply serve as a guarantee of ownership transfer; the property in issue doesn’t change hands as a result of their use.

Prior to initiating Turkey citizenship by investment process at the relevant land registry directorate, check for any burdens such as liens, mortgages, and similar sorts of limitations that may exist with relation to the stated property that would impede its sale.

Property inquiries may be done online at parselsorgu.tkgm.gov.tr, where precise information such as the city, district, quarter/village, map section, and plot can be utilized to locate the property. Basic information about the real estate, including its present status, is therefore available online from any location on the planet. However, the owner’s personal information is still unavailable.

Foreign nationals are not required to get a residence permit in order to purchase property in Turkey. Furthermore, under Law No. 6458 as mentioned in the Foreigners and International Protection, foreigners who purchase property in Turkey are allowed renewed short-term residency permits.

Investment options - Exploring Turkey Citizenship by Investment Process

Things to keep in mind as you go with Turkey citizenship by investment process:

Now you have a basic understanding on how to proceed with Turkey citizenship by investment process. Foreigners who satisfy any of the following conditions, may be eligible for Turkish citizenship:

  • The Ministry of Industry and Technology testified to a minimum fixed capital investment of USD 500,000 or equivalent foreign money or Turkish lira.
  • Purchased a property with a title deed restriction on resale for at least three years, as verified by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, for a minimum of USD 250,000 or comparable foreign money or Turkish lira.
  • According to the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services, at least 50 individuals were employed.
  • As certified by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, deposited at least USD 500,000 or comparable foreign money or Turkish lira in Turkish banks with the condition of not withdrawing the funds for at least three years.
  • Purchased government bonds worth at least USD 500,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish lira) with the stipulation that they cannot be sold for the first three years, as verified by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.
Turkey investment citizenship 1 - Exploring Turkey Citizenship by Investment Process

Keep these methods on how to invest in Turkey and proceed with your investments. Then you can end up with obtaining Turkish citizenship without a problem. This is the most convenient method to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Solar Panel Types

Solar Panel Types

Purchasing solar panels from the market will be quite an overwhelming job to do. That’s because you can discover many different types of solar panels that are available in the market for you to purchase. You need to have a solid overall understanding of these different types of solar panels. Then you can locate the perfect solar panels out of them and move forward with your needs.


– Monocrystalline Solar Panels


Monocrystalline Solar Panels are made out of monocrystalline silicon. They come along with rounded edges and have a dark color. Since silicon is one of the purest materials available, you will be able to get an efficient performance out of Monocrystalline Solar Panels. The efficiency offered by Monocrystalline Solar Panels is about 20% higher when compared to ordinary solar panels. They are more durable, especially when subjected to high temperatures. Hence, you will be able to use Monocrystalline Solar Panels for a longer duration of time.

Solar Panel 3 - Solar Panel Types


– Polycrystalline Solar Panels


You can easily identify Polycrystalline Solar Panels because of their look. These solar panels are square and they have uncut angles. Polycrystalline Solar Panels usually come in blue color. They are made with melting raw silicon. Hence, the production process of these solar panels is faster. On the other hand, you will be able to get them from the market at a cheaper price tag. The efficiency provided by Polycrystalline Solar Panels is relatively low when compared to industry average standard values. You can purchase these solar panels from soleeva.com.


– Thin-Film: Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels


You can find Thin-Film: Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels widely being used in the small scale solar power systems. They are made with the assistance of materials such as copper, cadmium, and silicon. These solar panels are extremely easy to produce. Hence, you will be able to get them at a cheaper price tag. If you are concerned about the amount of money that you are spending to purchase solar panels, you can take a look at Thin-Film: 


Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels. Apart from affordability, you will notice that these solar panels are flexible. Therefore, you will be able to use them for a variety of applications with ease.


– Concentrated PV Cell Solar Panels


Concentrated PV Cell Solar Panels are a multi-junction solar panel type. They are the most efficient solar panel type available for you to purchase. The overall level of efficiency associated with these solar panels is 41% above industry average values. The curved mirror surfaces found in these solar panels have contributed a lot to their high efficiency. They also have got dedicated cooling systems. You need to make sure that you are keeping the Concentrated PV Cell Solar Panels placed at a specific angle to the sun to receive maximum energy efficiency at the end of the day.


Benefits of SEO, Take it from Professionals of SEO Companies Bay Area

Benefits of SEO, Take it from Professionals of SEO Companies Bay Area

There is no doubt that a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy will take your business to greater heights of success as SEO companies Bay Area have done with so many companies they have helped achieve success in the industry. If you’re still skeptical of what we’re saying, then read along as we reiterate the many benefits of SEO for your business. 


Draws high-quality traffic to your site


This is one of the fundamental benefits of an SEO as it drives significant traffic to your site. To effectively draw traffic to your site, your site must have a full understanding of your target audience as well as search engines. For these two aspects to be compatible with one another, search queries must be taken into consideration. The keywords that online users are using are very important and search engine marketing uses these phrases or keywords to attract online users to your site. 

search engine optimization 1 273x300 - Benefits of SEO, Take it from Professionals of SEO Companies Bay Area


Increases your brand’s authority


Small businesses, in particular, will benefit from one of the key benefits of SEO, and that is boosting your company’s credibility. It’s a known fact that users tend to look at the first page of results when in a search query. They will more often than not just stick on the first page and go no further. Users also tend to believe that those listed in the top results are businesses that are reputable, well-known and respected. This is where SEO and its benefits will be very useful to your business as it will put you ahead of the competition and be the company every searcher is looking for. 

Remember that you would always want to be listed on the top first page of search results, and the further your number goes down, the more skeptical users become of your brand. 


Realizes a better ROI


SEO can convert your site’s visitors into sales, which of course will guarantee your company its return on investment. This is one of the key benefits of SEO as it can provide your website the online visibility it needs so that users can search for your products and services online. 


Be on top of the competition


It is no secret that a comprehensive SEO strategy can put your company brand on top of the competition. When managed and executed properly, your SEO strategy could very well be a significant factor for your company to be the leader in the industry. 


Competitions are doing their SEO campaigns to establish themselves as the go-to company in your field. To get ahead of the competition, make sure to hire a skilled SEO company that will do the right job for your business and achieves the high rank in search engine results that you wanted to rise above in your industry.


All these things considered, there is no reason for you not to understand the true benefits and advantages of SEO to your company. Go for SEO and reap all its benefits. 

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a roof protects against the effects of different weather conditions - GOOD ROOFING FROM WATERTITECOA house is not complete without a roof. This is because a roof protects against the effects of different weather conditions. It’s one of the major components that make a building structure fit to be called a home. Hence, a good roof is needed to avoid easy penetration of rain and other weather conditions including being able to handle strong wind. This is why it is critical to have a good roof installed by companies like Watertiteco that provides several types depending on your choice and preference. This ensures that you are provided with the best and suitable quality that can be easily maintained for a long period without worry or fear of it getting destroyed.

roofing - GOOD ROOFING FROM WATERTITECOInvesting in a house is a necessity. You and your family seek to shield from dangerous animals, people, and weather. Having a good roof from watertiteco.com- roofing will ensure no issues of leakage. Leakage from the roof can penetrate through the walls as well as the floor resulting in the process of damaging the entire home which will cost even much more. Making sure you get a quality roof once and forget about the stress of it developing issues after a short while should always be the target for most people who are building their house or looking to renovate their building. To avoid such situations, it is essential that when installing a roof in your house project, you use a quality roof from companies like Watertiteco. If you are already living in your house, that is, you already have roofs installed, always ensure to do the regular inspection of your roof; this way you get to find out early when to replace any portion of the roof that requires fixing.

A good home built with quality materials has a very high value in the market if you consider relocating. The value of your house will be very much appreciated if the major components used in the building structure as a whole is of high quality just like the quality being offered by Watertiteco in terms of roofing as well as other major components.

HVAC System for home 300x279 - GOOD ROOFING FROM WATERTITECOA building that has its roofing in great condition tend to enjoy the extreme nature of weather. Take for example the conditions of extremely hot weather or cold weather; good roofing will prevent such conditions from being felt inside. This implies that the HVAC system will work so effectively and efficiently.

As long as your roof is good and well maintained, you and your family will enjoy staying home and have no cause to worry. A bad roof paves way for other unhealthy conditions hence, nothing beats having a good roof and being able to come back home to rest after a long day at work.

SEO for Law Firms to Promote Their Services Online

Just like any other business, lawyers too face similar challenges in their career. The biggest among these challenges is to advertise. That is, they need to market their services to expand their business.

Social networking - SEO for Law Firms to Promote Their Services OnlineMost new lawyers are not sure whether internet marketing or advertising will yield the desired results. One strategy cannot be applied to all of the industries. For instance, you cannot use the tactics that may work well in the medical sector, to the lawyer’s business. Moreover, the presence of hundreds of social networking sites and thousands of social media strategies and advertising plans can well be confusing even for the biggest law firms.


Following are the five internet-marketing tips and techniques for lawyers, which all firms should be utilizing:

  1. Proper Online Presence

Having a website and a proper appearance is essential. Many clients are avid internet users with years of experience. They are familiar with professional looking sites. They are also looking for social media presence with activity on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking websites.

  1. Content Optimization with Focus Keywords

Improve your SEO and ensure that your firm’s site has proper keywords that are region specific. For example, if your intellectual property is in Delhi, then include the keyword in the titles. Also, include it in H1s, and content. This would lead to your ranking on a search engine such as Google.

  1. Strong Call to Action

Imagine if your website’s visitors have no idea what to do once they arrive on the landing page. Therefore a strong call-to-action removes the guesswork and improves the conversion rate of visitors.

Decide the actions you want your visitors to take, such as asking them to call the firm or fill out a form for subscription. This allows the prospective customers to reach out to you quickly.

  1. Sponsorship

Another internet marketing tip to make your brand public online is to sponsor events. You can get a chance to get link backs from companies that you are supporting. For instance, by supporting a local event, you can ask for a link on their site and mention on other social networking sites. This could turn out to be an important backlink.

Blogging 300x161 - SEO for Law Firms to Promote Their Services Online

  1. Blogging

One of the cheapest ways to advertise your company or service is via ‘blogging.’ A blog page is a great way to post latest legal news, testimonials and other information. Each blog post can also be shared through social media. You can also pen down your own memoirs and opinions on legal topics. Also, you can promote any mobile application for law professionals such as a law diary or lawyer’s dictionary, etc.

Before the advent of the internet and social networking websites, the only marketing option available for lawyers was the ‘yellow pages.’ Even today, many law professionals who cannot deploy internet-marketing techniques rely on the good old yellow pages to do their jobs for them. However, this method is no longer effective in this digital era. Visit http://lawfirmdigitalmarketing.com to see how you can promote your law services via online marketing.

How to Acquire More Roofing Leads?

Do you have roofing company? Do you want to get more roofing leads? If we are talking about how to get more leads from the Internet, then we have to talk about website, SEO, social media and more, but when we are talking about more than that, then we should talk the whole elements in boosting a company of roofing. As you need to take and talk all elements in company, we should start with how we get the customers. When you have the best service and also you have the best deals with another company, then you have great start to compete. If you think that your offline marketing is fine, then you should add online marketing through SEO. SEO is search engine optimization that could help your company to gain more customers from internet. The more your website appears on the first page of search engine, the better number of customer you will get because there have been many people looking for your company and your name appears on the first page of search. Thus, to get more roofing leads, you have to care about SEO and other further elements in SEO. Here are the ways to get more roofing leads.


Focus on the way you do SEO

The strength in SEO should be known as the key to getting better marketing result. When you want to get more roofing leads, you have to focus on the SEO. Check the keyword exposure and every keyword that has good traffic. If you want to explore more keywords to get broader audience, then you have to see the traffic distribution. Reduce your work on keywords that have the lowest attention or just try harder when you want to improve the performance of your keyword.


Be more attractive

Another thing that you could do to boost your roofing business is the attraction. You have to make your website and service more attractive because we know that attraction could get more potential buyers and also enhance the traffic. The more attractive you can design for your website, the higher number of customers and readers that could enhance your traffic number because they get comfort in your website.


Create more engagement

The last thing you could do to get more roofing leads is to create more engagement with your roofing customers because we know that when you are having good engagement you can make your customers stay. You could create from your social media account and business page.

The Easiest Way of Plant Maintenance

Reliable plant design and maintenance services are all you need to make your home a paradise. Plants get energy from the sun to grow and reproduce through a process known as photosynthesis and also most get nutrients from the soil. The decomposition of waste and dead materials helps nutrients to get into the soil.int design - The Easiest Way of Plant Maintenance

For a plant to grow and reproduce, its space needs to be considered. Note, that the size of your room serves as a good help you to know the place of your plant.

However, a plant is said to be any one of the vast numbers of organisms within the kingdom “Plantae.” These species such as forbs, trees, vines, mosses, etc. in every aspect are considered in limited motility and usually, produce their food. Predictably, plant entails a taxon with characteristics of a multi-cellular structure with walls containing cellulose and photosynthetic organisms.

Imagine Plant Design is a plant care services company located in Sacramento California. This company help in plant maintenance and ensures that plants are selected by hand and prepared before installation takes place. Due to the requirements of projects and client needs, Imagine Plant care services have been providing both live and silk plants. There are series of maintenance processes which the plant care service offers on weekly bases, and they include dusting, watering, fertilizing as need, shining, and the removal of dead material. They also provide services such as living wall design, landscaping, office plants, and interior plant design.

They have interior plant maintenance services made by experienced professionals who are ready in the provision of interior plants design, maintenance, and installation. Their special offer creates an avenue for a healthy work environment and also builds a perfect plant office service for business and corporations. With your wise decision on plants for your office or home, they assure that their interior plant maintenance services will transform your place. Don’t be disturbed trying to maintain your plants by yourself, hand over such services to them and expect a better look of your home or office all year long. Imagine Plant provides the highest quality interior plants.office plants - The Easiest Way of Plant Maintenance

They have skilled and experienced personnel who help to keep your plants alive and feed, clean, water, prune and dust your plants in the office or home. Imagine Plant Design plant maintenance services give scrupulous attention to every requirement and guarantee that clients will enjoy several advantages to every service rendered to them. The assurance plant maintenance services can provide to clients is best illustrated through the proficient way and passion of service expertise that has several years of experience.

Imagine Plant has a multinational aim or obligation is to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of our clients towards the interior services of their office or home plants.

Imagine Plant Design is there to serve you. With their pocket-friendly prices and high-quality services, they remain the best interior plant design and maintenance service in Sacramento California. Contact them today for an immediate quote and make your home a beautiful place to live. Always go for the best!