Nasal Clipper

Like another casual day in my life, I usually use my best nose hair trimmer twice a week to make the unwanted hair in my nasal removed. This product I bought from online store and have been here with me since a years ago like the site tanglednosehair.

I really love this because the function and the endurance. I had try many of them, but this is the toughest I ever got. But now she was stolen. I can’t found her in my room, my apartment.

Someone was stolen it. My best nose hair trimmer is gone and I really missing her.

I think it the time to ask my few friend about her, hope I can found her again. I not, I should get a new nose hair trimmer and the job will be not easy.

After walking around the net I found the interesting place. At, yes their main page still under constructions. I found this page Best Nose Hair Trimmer | DisnakSumbar.ORG and yes they are provide info I need to upgrade my knowledge that still have an old style.

Rather than thinking about my last clipper that lost. I try to find new one that have same function. Same durability, strong look, feel and of course main material should be the top one like stainless steel or rubberized hand grip with strong iron inside.

I strictly pick qualification like that to avoid the allergic like this. And at last I get my new one. From Phillips.

Since last week I visit east world country to southeast asia or in specific Surabaya Indonesia. Here people do not know about this device. They are use scissor to cut and tweezers to pull their unwanted hair in many place including in their nostril area. This is really unhealthy and can cause massive damage to his or her health like get cold or the worst case is sinus.

I ask many people here from senior citizen to teenagers with many jobs they are in start from a cleaning service man to a CEO of national company. They are did not know this device was exist. I try to give them a bit experience or education ( if you are like ) about the product. I tell them the function, and health aspect behind this device.

They are show their interest and I give some of them sample product that I got from my sponsor company.

It is weird, the brands who made this machine need to do more promotion, make people know about the existence of this stuff. Give people education about healthy life and reach every corner of world where people live and interact with them to make people know who you are and what you are stand for.