SEO for Law Firms to Promote Their Services Online

Just like any other business, lawyers too face similar challenges in their career. The biggest among these challenges is to advertise. That is, they need to market their services to expand their business.

Social networking - SEO for Law Firms to Promote Their Services OnlineMost new lawyers are not sure whether internet marketing or advertising will yield the desired results. One strategy cannot be applied to all of the industries. For instance, you cannot use the tactics that may work well in the medical sector, to the lawyer’s business. Moreover, the presence of hundreds of social networking sites and thousands of social media strategies and advertising plans can well be confusing even for the biggest law firms.


Following are the five internet-marketing tips and techniques for lawyers, which all firms should be utilizing:

  1. Proper Online Presence

Having a website and a proper appearance is essential. Many clients are avid internet users with years of experience. They are familiar with professional looking sites. They are also looking for social media presence with activity on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking websites.

  1. Content Optimization with Focus Keywords

Improve your SEO and ensure that your firm’s site has proper keywords that are region specific. For example, if your intellectual property is in Delhi, then include the keyword in the titles. Also, include it in H1s, and content. This would lead to your ranking on a search engine such as Google.

  1. Strong Call to Action

Imagine if your website’s visitors have no idea what to do once they arrive on the landing page. Therefore a strong call-to-action removes the guesswork and improves the conversion rate of visitors.

Decide the actions you want your visitors to take, such as asking them to call the firm or fill out a form for subscription. This allows the prospective customers to reach out to you quickly.

  1. Sponsorship

Another internet marketing tip to make your brand public online is to sponsor events. You can get a chance to get link backs from companies that you are supporting. For instance, by supporting a local event, you can ask for a link on their site and mention on other social networking sites. This could turn out to be an important backlink.

Blogging 300x161 - SEO for Law Firms to Promote Their Services Online

  1. Blogging

One of the cheapest ways to advertise your company or service is via ‘blogging.’ A blog page is a great way to post latest legal news, testimonials and other information. Each blog post can also be shared through social media. You can also pen down your own memoirs and opinions on legal topics. Also, you can promote any mobile application for law professionals such as a law diary or lawyer’s dictionary, etc.

Before the advent of the internet and social networking websites, the only marketing option available for lawyers was the ‘yellow pages.’ Even today, many law professionals who cannot deploy internet-marketing techniques rely on the good old yellow pages to do their jobs for them. However, this method is no longer effective in this digital era. Visit to see how you can promote your law services via online marketing.