Eloquent Picaboo Program Review

Picaboo was founded by longtime friends and classmates Kevin McCurdy and Howard Field. They believed that memories are an important part of our lives and they deserved to be preserved and shared for times to come. The name of the company was kept after the most commonly used phrase “peek-a-boo”, an expression that brings a smile on everyone’s face. They launched the first version of photo editor in the year 2005. The company has headquarters in Hanover, New Hampshire, USA. Picaboo’s customer base has crossed the 1 million mark in the year 2012 and is still growing.

Unique Features

  • Customization- It offers completely customizable layouts. One can add, delete and even re-size the text anywhere on the page. Apart from uploading new photos, one can use the “get photos” function to select images from previous albums for adding to the new ones. The media tray at the bottom of the screen will show you pages or images which you can flip back and forth.
  • Background and themes- Picaboo offers a wide range of themes such as baby, wedding, travel, sports, seasons, holidays and much more. The background can be chosen from floral, lines or simple black and white.
  • Design options- It has a good selection of more than 40 font styles and you can choose any color for the text by using the color selector or dropper. One can also add multiple typefaces to the captions.
  • The fading image effect is just outstanding and there is a flexibility to adjust the capacity of the text box background. There is an array of options to make your photo album look unique such as; shadows, fancy corners, colorful borders and adding text to images.
  • Large Workspace- Picaboo provides a big workspace; one can open or close the toolbar to create more space. The zoom in option in the preview mode helps the users to ensure that they have everything they wanted in their album.
  • Editing- The editing tools are excellent. Apart from enlarging, cropping and color effects, one can also change the brightness and contrast of the image.
  • Lay Flat binding- One can find six lay flat styles where the covers are available from velvet to leather. Switching between different styles and sizes can be done easily without having to redo the layout.
  • Paper- For classic custom photo books, heavy weight glossy paper is used.
  • Book Styles- Both hardcover and soft-cover books with image wrap are available. Apart from that, they also offer series of high-end books. They have recently updated their software which allows adding a title to the spine of your hardcover book.

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Picaboo gives creative freedom to its users to create beautiful customized photo albums and other products with ease. Their online software is very attractive and easy to navigate which makes the whole process of creating a photo album very interesting. The quality and selection of layouts and clip-arts are commendable. The software can be downloaded easily on all computers. It also offers special photo importing from Flickr and Facebook and allows users to share their creativity online. One can choose from 16 main themes which further have sub-themes to give a stylish look to your photos.

What’s in store with Picaboo?

  • Photo Books- The user gets complete control over the image placement, rotation, size and image borders. Apart from that, one can use shapes like a star or a circle to make the album more interesting. It is just a perfect tool to create unique albums for wedding, holiday, birthday or any other special occasion.
  • Cards- All types of cards with exclusive designs and styles are available. The cards can be folded or flat as per the requirement. It gives an opportunity to convey a message in your own special way.
  • Canvas- Their ‘make a canvas’ offering combines the look and feel of a museum style painting. The intricate details of a photograph make this canvas as a perfect piece to gift someone or to just showcase it at home.
  • Calendars- One can make calendars with some memorable photographs and re-use those pictures in a frame once the year is over. The calendars are printed on laminated and glossy paper.
  • Phone or tablet cases which are light in weight and are durable.
  • Notebook Folio Cases – One can wrap a photo or a design of choice around the case and can add embellishments like backgrounds, text, and badges to make it attractive.
  • Prints – Various sizes of prints are available to ensure that you create a beautiful picture gallery at your home.
  • Collage Posters- Make a collage with some of your best pictures with Picaboo collage making tools.
  • Photo Panels- They can be made in two sizes 7×5 and 10×8 and comes with an easel back so that you can decorate them on your table top.

School Yearbooks- Picaboo offers a personalized yearbook option. They have pre-filled layouts and covers to give school yearbook a fab element